To fulfill industrial demand for the fast-paced and highly collaborative work environment, being cloud certified gives a huge plus. Not only for cloud specialists but also other development-related tech roles. This article explains why it’s really worth taking.

Developing a prediction model is not an easy task — There is a lot of processes to do to produce the best model. Data plays an important role in building the best prediction model since the essence of machine learning is learning from data. However, real-world data often has unorganized, missing, or noisy elements. Consequently, we need to clean, prepare, and manipulate our data to make sure it would be decent to be the sample.

Then, we need to conduct some experiments with different algorithms. Moreover, we also required to calculate errors, try some optimization techniques, and compare the results…

At first, I was using jsPdf to generate Report data as a part of the application. It’s very popular and well documented, but when I came across the needs of the dynamic content, I found it not as simple as I thought.

The case is every element on jsPdf is needed to set its x and y position on the page. So, to add the next element below it, we need to specify current y to be greater than the y on the previous element. The problem is, we never know the length of the element. …


Over the past year, I used to use Vue-CLI in some of my SPA projects, but now I found that the features of Nuxt were saving my time a lot. It has an awesome scaffolding and even automatically generating the route! (I will show you how it works in step by step below). This article explains why you should using Nuxt in your next VueJS Project in more detail:

Recently, I’m developing a medium scale Map-Based SPA using Nuxt and Mapbox which has the following features:

  • Layer Manager: load, delete, group, show/hide, order, style customization, data filter, etc.
  • Analysis: Data…

Brahma Putra

GIS Front-End Developer & Computer Scientist based in Bandung, Indonesia

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